Feria de Cali “La Alegria en su Salsa”en ingles

Colombia is a country where you will have unforgettable experiences.  You will see exotic birds like never before.  Cali, Colombia is the place where the Salsa lives.  Your feet will feel the music.  You will want to dance like the best.  Colombia is Magic Realism.

If you want to see the best Salsa dancers in the world, you should visit Cali.  Even the children dance like a profesionals.  You can live the Salsa culture.  Then, you can learn to dance in a school with champions.

Feria de Cali is from December 25 to 30 every year.   It starts with Salsodromo, a parade with many profesional dancers of Salsa music.  They spend endless hours working on perfect choreography to give you a beautiful presentation complete with lights and color.

Feria de Cali is a big party with master Salsa orchestras and dancers.  Also, collectors of important Salsa vinyl records meet from around the world to share their treasures of Salsa music.  Cali, Colombia is indeed the Salsa capitol of the world

Amazing experiences await you in Cali, Colombia

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